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Piston Head O-Ring, Compression Issue

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Piston Head O-Ring, Compression Issue

Post by Twitch on September 26th 2012, 21:48

This afternoon I chrono'd my KWA SR-10 as it had recently been shooting visibly slow. The chrono showed my SR-10 to be shooting at 230 FPS.

I took the gun apart and felt a compression issue with the piston and the cylinder. Basically I placed my finger over the cylinder head port and moved the piston forward. You should feel substantial resistance doing this, and mine moved with ease. This told me that I had a compression issue in the cylinder.

My first thought was that this was related to the piston head o-ring. I was right.

I wanted to let you all know that you can purchase a compatible o-ring for the piston head at Home Depot (or other hardware store.) Get the 3/4" ring.

I put the 3/4" ring on the piston head and there was immediate resistance moving the piston forward with the cylinder head blocked.

I reassembled the gun and it now chrono's at 405 FPS.
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Re: Piston Head O-Ring, Compression Issue

Post by Samsterdude on October 4th 2012, 07:00

Wow, that is amazing Chris! Glad you go it working well.
Sergeant E-5

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Re: Piston Head O-Ring, Compression Issue

Post by TheRedThreat on October 5th 2012, 20:11

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Re: Piston Head O-Ring, Compression Issue

Post by Sponsored content

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