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Echo 1 ASC (SCAR-L)

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Echo 1 ASC (SCAR-L) Empty Echo 1 ASC (SCAR-L)

Post by Jinx January 23rd 2012, 18:13

I have had this gun for about 14 months now, and it has had virtually no issues at all (besides the rare times you have to tighten the gearbox)! I've treated this gun like it's my baby, and it literally is (I clean it after every use indoor and outdoor and tighten the screws on it so it doesn't fall apart on me). I have put about an estimated 45,000 rounds through it and I haven't had to replace anything on it. Of course I upgraded 5 months after having it. To start I upgraded from the standard 8.4V battery to the recommended 9.6V battery, threw in a new longer barrel for the barrel extension to be of use, and put in a blue hop-up bucking to better my compression. Other than that it’s a stock gun. It is my main gun and my weapon of choice for mid to close range and occasionally long range. I am very satisfied with my SCAR-L. It takes almost any M4/M16 magazine and uses the same gearbox version which is a Version 2 gearbox. The FPS out of the box is an astonishing 390-405 FPS (w/ .20 Biodegradable Airsoft Elite BBs). It is well designed and well built gun. After 45,000 rounds it is in still in perfect condition. It is the most reliable and affordable SCAR on the market (Compared to the top of the line CA SCAR for $255.00 and the VFC MK16/MK17 for $274.99-$279.99. Or the unreliable D-Boys SCAR for $159.99 that is poorly made) it’s definitely the most “bang” for your buck. I love this gun and everything about it; it is a great investment and an even greater airsoft gun under $250.00. Best of all its very upgradeable form the gearbox to the RIS. Bottom line, I highly recommend this airsoft gun for any average airsoft player. The Echo 1 SCAR-L (ASC) gets 5 stars out of 5.
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