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Rescue a Downed Pilot

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Rescue a Downed Pilot Empty Rescue a Downed Pilot

Post by Twitch April 16th 2011, 23:01

Rescue a Downed Pilot

Rescue Unit: 8 to 10 players
Insurgent team: 2 to 6
Downed Pilot: 1

Command channel is 1/01 (may be monitored by Insurgents)
Rescue Channel: Commanders Choice (may only be used / monitored by Rescue Unit)

Pilot will go to his downed position, or find a hiding location.
Rescue Unit will remain at staging area during set up.
Insurgents will start at the far end of the field.

Number of insurgents
Pilot condition, uninjured, injured, dead.
Sensitive equipment carried by the pilot.
Location of the pilot.
Location of the rescue zone.
Approach by Rescue Unit.

The Rescue Unit will receive a radio transmission of Game Control advising a variable of the following (initial transmission may be intercepted by insurgents); "Alpha team, come in." // "We have a report of a pilot shot down. Wingman reports surface to air fire. Wingman did see an ejection and saw a good parachute 1/2 click north of your location. Status and condition of the pilot are unknown, as we have been unable to establish radio contact. Wingman was unable to locate the source of the hostile fire, or the number of enemy fighters in the area. Advise when you are ready to copy mission objectives." // "You must locate the pilot, ascertain status and condition of the pilot and report back to command on this channel. Rescue pilot, render aid if needed, or recover remains and any sensitive information or equipment. Secure a landing zone for rescue chopper, which will be launched after location of the downed pilot is determined. Report when a landing zone is secure. Report any additional resources needed."

Rescue Unit may enter field from any location.

Insurgent goals:
Prevent rescue.
Capture the pilot alive, or recover his equipment / sensitive information.
Do not kill the pilot if he is alive during the scenario.

Time limit: 30 minutes
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