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Winter is approaching.

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Winter is approaching. Empty Winter is approaching.

Post by Twitch September 6th 2011, 18:56

So after camping this weekend and waking up to everything being coated in a protective layer of ice, and then watching the news this evening I saw that snow is in the forecast for the mountains. It is apparent that winter is looming and will soon be on upon us.

Players need to start thinking of winterizing themselves and their equipment.

Somethings I do:
Only use LiPo batteries as they are less temperature sensitive,
Bringing a cooler of warm water to put my water bottles in. This helps prevent them from freezing while sitting in the car.
Polypropylene sock liners with wool socks.
Thermal clothing when the temperature dips far enough. At the store, the hunting section is a good place to find this.
Put a coat of RainX on my goggles, helps prevent frost from forming.

Lets help other players out. Post your own tips and tricks for the winter in Colorado.
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Winter is approaching. Empty Re: Winter is approaching.

Post by Miner September 6th 2011, 20:46

I run propylene (AKA propene AKA methylethylene AKA the new replacement gas for old MAPP gas torches) in my gas guns during the winter instead of propane/Green Gas. Its a common welding gas, so you can get it at most hardware stores, and the tanks use the same threading as the propane tanks, hence your adapters will still work as well. During the summer, the pressure is a little too high to be used regularly in the guns without causing problems, but the pressure drop due to the cold makes it a perfect substitute in the winter. Just remember to switch back to your regular gas when things start to warm back up Rolling Eyes

A little more expensive per bottle than propane, but still not a much as most airsoft dealers charge for a can of Green Gas
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Winter is approaching. Empty Re: Winter is approaching.

Post by TheRedThreat September 7th 2011, 07:12

Bring a change of cloths. After laying in the snow for long enough your body temp will drop and your cloths may get a bit wet. Also I would suggest getting all weather mats for your ride if only for the drivers seat and attempt to weather proof your trunk.
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Winter is approaching. Empty Re: Winter is approaching.

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