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Wanted: High Torque Motor

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Wanted: High Torque Motor Empty Wanted: High Torque Motor

Post by ICE August 26th 2012, 17:45

I seem to be running into trouble with my motor. I get through about 2-ish mags before my motor and battery pack feel pretty warm and then everything stops functioning. At times, it sounds like an anti-reversal problem, but I'm beginning to think I have a motor issue. Currently running a CA high torque on what I believe is an m120 spring. Any help is appreciated.

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Wanted: High Torque Motor Empty Re: Wanted: High Torque Motor

Post by Twitch August 26th 2012, 21:30

That could be a problem with the motor being too high, a battery that can't put out enough power (especially if this is happening during stints of full auto fire.). Could be the spring has come free from the anti-reversal and is hanging up on your bevel gear.

An easy way to determine that it's not a battery issue is to put in a new battery and do a load and volt test on the old battery.

Checking the function of the motor can be done by removing the motor from the grip, remove the grip, reattach the wiring and fire it up to make sure the motor is still spinning strong. Most high torque motors will turn in the ballpark of 18,000 RPM, as it focuses on power instead of speed. By comparison a high speed motor will turn 30 to 35,000 RPM when operating freely.

Next would be to have a tech open up the gun and inspect the interior parts such as the anti-reversal latch. They can also check your motor height and to verify you do not have arcing wiring causing a short somewhere in the gun.

Forum member Tango with the Boulder Brigade may have other thoughts or ideas, but I hope that much helps.

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