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Dynamic Scenario Structure

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Dynamic Scenario Structure Empty Dynamic Scenario Structure

Post by Twitch April 16th 2011, 23:12

Dynamic Scenario Structure

Give each team 3-5 missions concealed in envelopes before the session.

At their start line, the teams open 1 envelope and see what the mission is (recon, ambush, raid,whatever, and where/how/why etc. etc.)That way, neither team knows the exact aim of the opposition. But the game controller who writes the missions should draw a sketch map and make sure that the missions have a good chance of hitting each other during the game, otherwise it's pretty pointless.

For example, Red team might have envelopes with...
"Conduct an ambush NLT 1200 and ending NLT 1230 between checkpoints 2 and 6. Use camera to photo any enemy corpses, ID unit numbers and take note of enemy weapons." and "Search and destroy enemy at checkpoint 5; if no enemy at checkpoint 5, patrol spade route for enemy and capture/kill as many enemy as possible. Photograph enemy bodies, gather evidence of enemy spec operators, etc."
and others like this.

Blue team might have...
"Do a route from PL Dakota to PL Idaho. Avoid enemy contact; if spotted by enemy, attempt to eliminate them." and "Establish and maintain a comms relay at checkpoint 5 NLT 1200 and occupy for 30 minutes. In event of enemy contact, withdraw, regroup, and attempt to ambush enemy troops at a location to be determined by patrol leader."
and so forth.
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