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Safety and Responsibility Reminder

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Safety and Responsibility Reminder Empty Safety and Responsibility Reminder

Post by Twitch on November 27th 2011, 20:49

As you may or may not be aware, there was an officer involved shooting in Fort Collins over the weekend. It is being reported that the individual that was shot by the officer was in possession of an airsoft gun. While reports indicate that the officer was acting appropriately in defending himself from a perceived threat, please let this serve as a reminder to please please please be safe and responsible when handling your airsoft gun, or transporting it.

While at Boulder Airsoft we have not had any issues with players in any manner such as this, please be careful. Incidents such as this are what led to SB798 in California with them wanting all airsoft guns brightly colored.

Below are articles if you wish to read them:



Speaking from years of law enforcement experience, if you are approached by an officer while in possession of your airsoft gun:

1. Always follow all commands and be cooperative.
2. If you are holding the airsoft gun, do not point it at the officer, but set it down on the ground, and slowly step away from it, so it is not within a lunging distance.
3. If you are not holding it, but in possession of it, keep your hands visible, away from your waistband, pockets and location of the airsoft gun. Calmly explain to the officer you have an airsoft gun on you, where it is, and that you are not going to reach for it. The officer will tell you what to do next.
4. If the airsoft gun is in your immediate reach, slowly step away from it, keeping your hands visible.

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Safety and Responsibility Reminder Empty Re: Safety and Responsibility Reminder

Post by TheRedThreat on January 23rd 2013, 20:53

This is an old post but the reminder should be brought up from time to time
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