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Lets Modify my M14

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Lets Modify my M14 Empty Lets Modify my M14

Post by Doc on October 3rd 2011, 11:48

Hey folks,
I have been thinking about turning my CYMA M14 into a DMR, but I realized that I know very little about DMR or what needs to be done in order to make it effective. So, I am throwing my gun to the wolves:

What do you think I need to make my M14 into a DMR?

I already have a scope mount.

Ready... GO!
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Lets Modify my M14 Empty Re: Lets Modify my M14

Post by Der Affe (Dice) on October 3rd 2011, 12:28

A sharpie and a part of your gun big enough to write DMR on it 8)
Der Affe (Dice)
Der Affe (Dice)
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Lets Modify my M14 Empty Re: Lets Modify my M14

Post by Miner on October 3rd 2011, 13:09

A DMR from a CYMA is going to need a lot of work. The easiest place to start for the quickest results would be a tightbore barrel and high-quality hop-up bucking. Madbull makes very good and affordable barrels, and Prometheus Soft-type buckings are the best I've used. i also suggest an SCS Concave Nub instead of the stock one or an h-nub.

If you want to get true DMR results, you will need a full metal compression set(cylinder head, piston head, cylinder), full metal piston, high torque gears, hi torque motor, a M140-M150 spring, depending on what FPS you want, and you also need to make sure your gears are shimmed as perfectly as they can be. Theres also a lot of trial and error involved with ground-up builds, certain setups work well for some but not for others, and a lot of it depends on what you consider "good." Unfortunately, there is no single "Buy-this-upgrade-kit" out there to do it.

A couple other hits if you start researching specific parts:

M14's utilize V7 gearboxes, which will effect what compression parts you buy

Most M14s utilize V2/V3 gears, while others use special V7 gears, Im not sure what CYMA has in theirs
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Lets Modify my M14 Empty Re: Lets Modify my M14

Post by jen4865 on October 23rd 2011, 13:27

recently became a memeber of boulder airsoft. saw your post and though it is a bit old now i thought i'd add my two cents worth of information.

i got a boneyard cyma m14 (socom version) last year for $89 shipped. only thing wrong with it was the charging handle guide had come loose in the stock. easy fix but since i didn't know what i was doing while disassembling it, it became a bigger problem that eventually needed a plumbing fitting and an allen set screw to remedy. anyway what i have been told is that the cyma m14 comes stock with a tightbore barrel though i don't know what the bore diameter is. my guess is that its probably 6.04. i also think it also has high torque gears due to its slow rate of fire. with an 11.1 lipo it finally fires about as fast as most of my other guns. if you want to upgrade gears you will have to get v7 gears as they are specific to that gearbox. cylinders and other compression parts are all standard v2/v3. the cylinder in there is non-ported so you get full compression volume. many people swap out the o-ring for a standard #14 o-ring you can buy at any hardware store. i also use plumbers grease to give it a good seal and lubrication. originally the gun shot right around 400. earlier this year i switched out springs to either a 135(element brand) or 140 (dream army) and chronoed it yesterday at fox airsofts new location and it was pretty consistent at 425 range (not much of a gain). i haven't bothered with the piston or head. one thing i will say is that it is a pain in the neck to get to and open up the gear box.
i have a jg blue motor in there now but don't think that is what it came with since i've switched out motors between guns a number of times now. i kind of remember taking the motor out of a g36k because it wouldn't pull the 145 spring in that gun, this is also why i think the m14's gears are high torque. put an amp high torque motor in the g36k and it had no problem with the 145 spring with standard gears, that gun shoots 500 through a madbull 509mm.
of course the other thing you will have to do is disable full auto which is quite simple on this gun. just take off the plastic selector mechanism while it is in semi mode.

hope that helps
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Lets Modify my M14 Empty Re: Lets Modify my M14

Post by Sponsored content

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