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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds.

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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds. Empty A question that isn't as simple as it sounds.

Post by Tango April 27th 2011, 20:16

What gun best suits your ideal style of play?

This question is purposefully vague because it's meant to make you think about how you play when you are in the environment you feel most comfortable playing in. The gun that suits your ideal play style in your ideal environment.

I would love to hear your answers, if you feel like sharing, and why you feel you chose what you did. If you added things to your gun, like sights, grips, whatever, I would love to hear why for those as well, please don't use 'Cause it looks cool'. This is meant to be something you put a lot of thought into.

I also understand that people change over time, thats fine too, but right now, when you close your eyes and imagine your self playing the best most fun game you have ever dreamed of; Where are you? What do your surroundings look like? What are you doing? What gear are you wearing? What gun is in your hands? That's the answer I want you to look for inside yourself.

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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds. Empty My answer, Chapter 1

Post by Twitch April 28th 2011, 01:40

That is a more complex question, and here's my answer.

I prefer using an assault rifle, with a pistol as a back up.

I carry a M4 Rifle equipped with front end rails for mounting. A vertical foregrip, an EoTech 552 holographic scope. I also have a flip up rear iron sight as a backup. I do not use a magnified scope on my M4 as realistically I would not need it to hit a target at the range an airsoft gun has. On my actual M4 I do have the 4X flip to side magnifier behind my EoTech, for that long range shot. I use a quick disconnect single point bungee sling for my rifle. For a pistol I carry a Glock, same as a duty weapon. I use a thigh rig as its not comfortable to carry on a hip holster given the tactical vest. And I refuse to carry and cross draw a pistol from a tactical vest as its not a fast effective draw, nor a natural motion for me.

The reasons: These guns are what I have trained with for years. I'm comfortable with them. The rifle gives the fire-power and range needed. The pistol allows a quick switch for close quarters, or in the event of a jam or other problem.

I use an EoTech as it provides a quick and reliable target aquisition. I do not have to worry about getting in that sweet spot of eye relief that you would need to worry about with a magnified sight. I use the flip up rear sight in the event of a battery failure on the EoTech. I want to have that backup method of aiming.

I use a vertical foregrip as it is shown to give a more stable platform for shooting. While I don't need to worry about the increased ability to control recoil as I would with a real rifle... again, I'm accustomed to it, and am sticking with the familiar.

I use the single point bungee sling so if I need, I can release the rifle and have it fall to a fixed point on my body, this is set up with my gear and vest. It will position in a manner that does not obstruct access to my pistol, magazines, radio, or flashbangs. A dual point sling would not give this luxury with my set up. The bungee is nice as when the rifle is hanging and I'm moving, it allows more give in the sling and I'm not feeling the extra strain on my upper body from the rifle moving. The quick disconnect is for when I need to disconnect, and keep the sling in place on my gear. Comes in handy in the event of a weapon handoff, unload, or in a real life scenario of being wounded, another can quickly remove the weapon and render aid.

As a player, and I'm sure some of you have picked up on this. I am a leader and an ambush player. For this reason, I want something which I can take a single, or short accurate burst at medium range or close quarters. I also want something that has the magazine capacity should I need to lay down support fire, or rush up the middle. But when it comes down to it, I have used the M4 and the Glock for years, its what I'm comfortable with, its what I have trained with, and its what I have used in the field responding to real threats, so I would be hard pressed to give it up. I'm not opposed to change, but I wouldn't change in the field until I have thoroughly practiced and am comfortable with the new item.
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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds. Empty My answer to my own question, part 1 of Unknown.

Post by Tango April 28th 2011, 15:19

Personally, I prefer a reliable, relatively simple, accurate and preferably powerful rifle, backed up by a pistol with similar characteristics. At the moment, my M324, and my freshly modified 'Comrade Stubs' serve as my primary. My secondary being a UTG MK23 spring pistol. These are arms I am very familiar with, and that is always good.

Stubs has a 4x32mm Mil-dot reticle scope mounted on top of a see through rail attached to its dust cover. It is also fitted with a vertical foregrip that has a spring loaded bi-pod in it. After its recent work, it now sports an inner barrel that is nearly 2 times as long as its former one, and a slightly stronger spring.

My M324 is outfitted with a 3-9x50mm Mil-dot reticle scope and a bi-pod, and now has had its internals beefed up just a touch using the fabled Teflon Tape Mod, I also added a spacer to the spring guide to juice it up just a touch more.

Both rifles have 2 point slings attached.

The MK23 has had no real changes made to it other than my awesome paint job. I keep it in a drop leg because it is a natural position for me, I also carry (Most if not all the time) a tertiary pistol, usually in a cross draw type of setup for my left hand, this is mostly because I play with springers. I guess it makes me look kind of like a badass too, since I look armed to the teeth. Twisted Evil

If you have watched me play, I think you have figured out that my style of play fits the role of designated marksman nearly to a tee. I prefer precision shots, and only shooting at what I am confident I can hit. I don't think I would make a good 'sniper' in the traditional sense as my field craft sucks. I can do a good job of observe and report, so long as I have my throat mic. Otherwise it gets a bit tedious to manipulate the rifle and the radio and still be confident I could take a shot if it was needed. I can take initiative if I'm comfortable with the group I'm in, otherwise I am very reserved. I do prefer to be a part of a squad rather than just myself, or me and one other fellow, self preservation on my part mostly. I like to know that I don't always have to watch my back ALL the time, I always do, but knowing it isn't always necessary is comforting. I would be just as comfortable in a MOUT situation as I am in the forest, the only change is to think more 3 dimensionally. I also am much more fond of using hand signals if I can see you instead of always jabbering on the radio.

Eventually, I would like to have a semi auto AEG DMR. But, until I can feel I can get what I need out of it, I'll keep rocking my springers. Twisted Evil

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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds. Empty Re: A question that isn't as simple as it sounds.

Post by Coyote May 2nd 2011, 23:21

My typical style of play is moving more towards the milsim side of things rather than a paintball-style spray and pray. I enjoy filling the position of rifleman and as such I carry an M4 with a long inner barrel (6.04mm). While my gun shoots fairly hard (in the ballpark of 1.5J) I want the consistent shot grouping primarily with the ability to put a lot of rounds down range WHEN NECESSARY. While my gun does have a high rate of fire, I spend a huge majority of my time in semi-auto. I want a compact weapon with range and accuracy. I think it would be fun to move into a DMR role, but at this time, I want to be a darn good rifleman.

I have a non-zoom cheap red dot holoish sight by Ncstar. While it's zero isn't perfect, he point is fast target acquisition at the ranges commonly seen in airsoft. I carry a small 7 power monocular, but I don't want the zoom on the gun at this point in time. I also have an angled foregrip. It looks cool and is fairly comfortable to use. (I also got an amazing deal on it when I was looking for a standard foregrip. The rifle has 10" of rail on the front). I carry quick-attach front and rear iron sights, and intent to replace them with flip ups.

My sidearm is a super cheap walmart springer which is truly a last resort option. I really want to replace it with a decent GBB but it is not quite in the cards. Soon.

At this point I do not have a sling on the M4, but I want either a 1 point or (ideally) a convertible 1 to 2 point, such as the magpul MMS or the Irene Adaptive Sling. I carry 10-75 round mags and a loose tac-light. I will have a rail mount for the primary light for MOUT operations (Eagle Claw).

I suppose that's it for now. Can't wait to play with you guys!

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A question that isn't as simple as it sounds. Empty Re: A question that isn't as simple as it sounds.

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