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Camp Guernsey 7/30 After Action Review

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Camp Guernsey 7/30 After Action Review Empty Camp Guernsey 7/30 After Action Review

Post by Twitch August 3rd 2011, 01:43

Camp Guernsey CIED/MOUT AAR

Date: 7/30/2011

Location: Camp Guernsey CIED Lane / MOUT Training Facility, Hartsville Wyoming

Duration: 13 hours 0900-2200

This event began with an introduction of game control and referee’s who would be overseeing this event.  A safety briefing and rule review was conducted.

Upon responding to the site, a neutral, re-spawn point was established.  This area was used for storage of water and other gear which would be needed throughout the event.  The location was noted for future planning.

DAY GAME: (0900-2000)
Mission 1:

Both teams started on opposite sides of the town, with the objective of locating the town, and establishing a significant control of the town.  This involved teams hiking in approximately two thirds of a mile to locate the town.  Upon reaching the town, the referees for the event provided initial resistance, and had planted various obstacles in the forms of IED’s and booby traps.  

The battle between sides occurred both on the outskirts of the town, as well as within the town.  The Green Team eventually established a hold of 9 buildings in the town, controlling 3 “flagged” buildings.  At this time team captains consulted one another and it was learned that Brown Team was not in control of any buildings at the time.  It was declared that Green Team had a significant control of the town and was the succeeding team in completing this first mission.

Mission 2:
Green Team was then advised that their next mission was to establish a command post within the town.  They would then be given approximate map coordinates to location communications equipment which must be retrieved and returned to the command post.

As a clear hold was established in 2 separate, but connected multiple-story buildings was already established in the town.  This was identified as where the inner command post would be.  Further security measures on these buildings were taken, and command was transferred to the ranking operator (Matt Cavanaugh) within the secured area.

Map coordinates for the communications equipment were received, and two squads (1 & 5) were deployed into the field to locate the equipment.  

While Green Team troops were attempting to locate the communications equipment, Brown Team was attempting to locate equipment to establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB) outside of town.

Green Team Squad 5 was able to locate the communications equipment, and both squads were able to safely return the communications equipment without suffering casualties. The Green Team had now succeeded in completing two missions.

At this time, further missions were not assigned to the Green Team, and therefore the Green Team held the town.

Upon Green Team Captain Chris Nielson reaching the Command Post, command was transferred back to him.  Squad 1 Leader, Matt Cavanaugh and his team were deployed back into the field.  A short time later, the Brown Team was seen assembling a tent on the north-west side of the town.  This was ultimately determined to the be the Brown Team’s FOB.  

Squad 1 (4 man team) was dispatched to this location with instructions to eliminate enemy forces and take control of the FOB.  Squad 1 devised a plan including the use of the WARPiG mobile assault vehicle, smoke, Thunder B grenades, a multiple shell grenade launcher, and multiple small arms weapons.

Squad 1 approached the FOB, which was guarded by 12 enemy troops.  Squad 1 immediately began deploying smoke, and Thunder B grenades from the vehicle.  Operator Brendan Lyle fired upon the enemy troops with grenade shells while Operators Tanner Breed, Mel Romero, and Squad Leader Matt Cavanaugh fired upon the enemy forces using their rifles.  All enemy forces were eliminated, the enemy FOB was captured and no casualties were suffered by Squad 1.

After it was brought to the attention of referee’s and team captains that temperatures in the town were exceeding 120 degrees, a mutual decision was made to withdraw all troops from the field until conditions improved.  Green and Brown Team members proceeded back to the neutral zone for hydration and rest.  After approximately two hours, the field temperature had lowered to 94 degrees and troops returned to battle.

As the Green Team had continued to hold the entire town, the Green Team was allowed to return to their positions.  The Brown Team was allowed to take the supplies for their previously seized FOB, and attempt to redeploy it in another location.  As Brown Team was still attempting to successfully complete their first objective, the Green Team did not have further objective instruction and elected to take an active role in holding the town preventing entry and enemy troop movement.  Multiple squads participated in this role and the WARPiG was once again utilized.

The Green Team moved their inner command post to a six building, three story structure on the southwest side of the town.  Squads 7 and 8 provided primary security of the command post and at no time was the post breached.

Squads 4 and 5 held a position atop a 3 story centralized building on the south side of the town.  This position provided a key advantage in watching enemy troop movement, as well as preventing enemy entry into the town via the main road from the south.

Squad 2 was utilized for inner town security and cleared multiple buildings eliminating any threats.  At one point the southern U-Building was breached and occupied by enemy soldiers who then began firing on the command post.  Squad 2 (SL Matt Rodgers, and Operators Tristan Buja, Marces Williams, and Lee Langston) was dispatched, and within 2 minutes had eliminated the entire occupying enemy force.

It was then learned that the Prison Complex on the northwest side of the town had been breached and multiple snipers were seen on the roof.  The snipers began firing on the command post.  CP security returned fire, along with members of squads 2, 3 4 and 5.  

Due to the range and snipers being on an elevated position, it was determined that the most effective route for elimination would be to breach the prison from within and eliminate the snipers.  Squad 1 was assigned this task.

Squad 1 proceeded by foot toward the prison complex coming under fire from snipers on the roof and other enemy troops within the prison complex.  It was learned through intelligence that as many as 8 enemy forces occupied the prison.  Squad 1 used various distractionary techniques in their movement to the prison.  Squad 1 breached the prison, cleared the interior, and then proceeded to eliminate enemy forces on the roof through the deployment of Thunder B grenades as well as small arms fire.

After the Brown Team had once again been eliminated, the referee’s called a halt to the event and allowed a break for all players to return to the neutral zone to eat and prepare for the night game.

NIGHT GAME: (2110-2150)
Referee’s discussed with Green Team Captain, and asked if Brown could be allowed to occupy the town as they had been unable to successfully be able to do so for the entire day.  Green Team consented to this and allowed Brown occupation.  Green was given the objective to recapture the town, Brown was given the objective to hold the town.

The night game allowed 40 minutes of game play.

Green Team advanced on the city from the southwest quickly reaching, and breaching buildings.  Green Team entered this battle with only two squads, and were heavily out numbered.  Green Team proceeded clearing 7 exterior buildings, and then began moving further into the city.  The Green Team fired on and eliminated multiple enemy forces within the town.  There was only one apparent remaining enemy occupied building, the southern U building.  Squad 1 was firing on the enemy soldiers from the ground as well as a three story structure immediately east of the enemy.  This fire fight continued, while Squad 2 was in position to breach the U building.  Just as the breach was beginning, the referee’s ended the game due to time constraints in which the field needed to be vacated by 2200 hours.  

The Green Team was a dominate force during this event.  While the Brown Team made several attempts to show force, the Green Team never lost control of the town over several hours, and in a 40 minute period nearly completed taking the town during the night event.  

Green Team training and communication was crucial to the success of the mission.  Further intelligence of the area was obtained during the event.  Multiple still photographs were taken, and multiple HD helmet cameras were ultilized as well.  This will assist in planning for future events.  

Mapping played a role in this event.  Not only with locating objectives but also with real time GPS tracking of troops in the field.  The GPS tracking allowed command to direct troops to the coordinates of the communications equipment.  This also assisted command with deploying the closest members to assist each other, and for members to locate each other in the field.

Awards given by game referee's:
Best Communication: Chris Nielson - For command role of the Green Team
Best Load Out: Tanner Breed & Mel Romero - Tanner for the WARPiG QRF Vehicle, and Mel for his personal equipment loadout.
Bullet Sponge: Matt Cavanaugh - For the most gruesome looking hit received.

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