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Brand Info: Aftermath

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Brand Info: Aftermath Empty Brand Info: Aftermath

Post by Doc July 7th 2011, 19:30

Anyone have some info on this airsoft brand? Aftermath
A friend is trying to sell me an Aftermath Mp5 with some stupid ass name. "Aftermath Broxa" wtf...
anyway, he want a hundred bucks used, everything included. Worth it? says it has only been used once (the guy is not a cheat, so I trust his word) Any insight/experience with the brand would be really appreciated.
Staff Sergeant E-6

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Brand Info: Aftermath Empty Re: Brand Info: Aftermath

Post by Miner July 7th 2011, 19:38

They're pretty much the next step up from the clear plastic electric guns you can get at Walmart. For $100, you could do a lot better
Master Sergeant E-8

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Brand Info: Aftermath Empty Re: Brand Info: Aftermath

Post by Twitch July 7th 2011, 19:52

Here is a link with an in depth review of the gun.

I have only ever seen Aftermath sold at a hobby store in Westminster. They sell an MP5 varient for $125 new.

Personally if you are looking to pick up an MP5, I would take a good look at the Echo1 MP5, its $120 before any discounts, with the usual 15% that knocks it down to $102 for a new gun.

This is the exact model we use as a rental if you want to check it out.
Brigade Commander - Operations Manager

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Brand Info: Aftermath Empty Re: Brand Info: Aftermath

Post by Nasty of Boondocks ASD July 9th 2011, 14:30

My first airsoft aeg was an aftermath broxa that I bought refurbished for 100. It has always worked great and still 1 of my favorites. I own an echo 1Scar a full metal d boys m4 shorty a jg s-system m4 a cybergun famas a cybergun spetnatz AK a gameface m4 a cybergun co2 sniper a cybergun Thompson. Also countless pistols including aftermath typhoon. Aftermath are Tokyo marui compatible and are generally considered sportline. If the gun has been cared for its probably worth it as mine has been kicking butt for 3 yrs and millions of bbs and I bought it REFURB. the reason I mentioned my other guns is that I op weekly and would be happy to assist anyone with question or problems as all my guns are upgraded and enhanced by me so I have pretty solid understanding of most guns (real steel included )

Nasty of Boondocks ASD

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Brand Info: Aftermath Empty Re: Brand Info: Aftermath

Post by Sponsored content

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