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Reporting Posts

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Reporting Posts Empty Reporting Posts

Post by Twitch on October 18th 2012, 22:09

After the events of today, the report system has been turned on. If a post is made that you feel warrants the attention of an admin or forum moderator, you may click the report icon on the upper right hand portion of the post.

The hope is that this will help get issues dealt with in a timely manner.

As a statement in regards to posts. This is primarily an airsoft forum, however, it is understood that each and every one of you also has interests outside of airsoft and we support that. If you would like to use the forum as a social hub, we also encourage that. However lets keep the duplicate topics for outside interests to a minimum. As an example, 1 for baseball, 1 for hockey, etc... If we get 4 separate topics for hockey, they will be merged into one, unless we see they are unique enough in content to warrant their own topic.

If there are posts promoting illegal activity, threats, attacks, or which become vulgar or pornographic in nature, an administrator will intervene. While moderators on this forum typically will not edit or alter another's content, it will be done if it violates the terms of service or decency imposed by our host Forumotion.com

We want this environment to be friendly and welcoming to all, regardless of your independent interests, but lets keep it civil.

If you have questions please contact a site admin.
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