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Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review

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Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review Empty Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review

Post by Boulder Airsoft Staff August 23rd 2012, 14:06

Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review Opthrowdownheader
After Action Review

Date: 08/04 - 08/05/2012

Location: School Yard Field, Allenspark, Boulder County, Colorado

Participants: 66

Day 1 Duration: 13 hours 1000-2300
Day 2 Duration: 4 hours 0900-1300

Opening Summary:
This event began with an introduction of game control and organizers who would be overseeing this event. A safety briefing and rule review was conducted.

Participants were shown the currency that would be in play, and were informed this currency would be a part of their overall score at the conclusion of the event. They must retain it, they can not take it out of play or off the field to secure it. If searched by an enemy, or Militia, they must immediately turn over any currency or intel packets they possess.

DAY GAME: (1000-1800)
Mission 1:
Both teams started with Command Post’s on opposite sides of the field. During Operation Throwdown in 2011, the Federal Republic of Emeria had successfully fended off the People’s Union of Kolgujev. Emeria began by holding certain key locations on the field. Their primary objective was to hold, and prevent capture of Omaha Rock, Lake Romero, and Ghost Grove.

While advancing on Omaha Rock, Kolgujev was able to locate two in field objectives; a WMD Response Bag, and a M62 Dragon Missile Case.

With Kolgujev quickly approaching Omaha Rock, the Emerian troops braced for conflict at the first checkpoint. Kogujevian troops advanced on this location attacking from the east and the south. This was a back and forth battle, with Kolgujev ultimately capturing Omaha Rock at 1219 hours.

Emerian troops fell back to reinforce their secondary stronghold of Lake Romero. Kolgujevian troops quickly advanced on Lake Romero. Heavy firefights ensued, with each side suffering heavy losses. Emerian troops began pulling in reinforcements so this position would not fall. Kolgujevian troops came as close as 75 feet from the objective before being repelled.

Mission 2:
At 1330 hours, Kolgujevian troops were assigned to retrieve two communications satellite dishes located near their Forward Operating Base. They were instructed to position these Satellite dishes at specific locations in the field. One of these locations being the previously captured Omaha Rock. As Kolgujevian troops had previously pushed passed Omaha Rock, to fight at Lake Romero, this left it unprotected. The civilian militia moved into this location.

The Commanding Officer of Emeria ordered his troops into the area to intercept Kolgujevian troops and stop their activity. A squad of three members approached Omaha rock locating the Militia. A brief exchange of fire occurred, at which point a standoff took place. Emerian troops radioed back to their commanding officer after the Militia had demanded payment to relinquish Omaha Rock peacefully. Eventually a monetary, and ceasefire agreement was reached between the Emerian CO and Militia, and Omaha Rock was turned over to Emeria.

Upon the arrival of Kolgujev, multiple firefights occurred in the vicinity of Omaha Rock and Lake Romero. Emeria was able to capture one of the satellite dishes previously held by Kolgujev..

Kolgujev was ultimately unsuccessful in completing their mission details.

Mission 3:
During Mission 2, at 1500 hours, both forces were informed that the Militia was possibly in possession of a chemical weapons bomb in the area of The Pinnacle. They were instructed to locate, obtain the device and detonate it in a position of advantage for their team. If the opposition were able to obtain and arm the device, they must locate, seize and disable the device. The blast radius of the device is approximately 50 meters, having the power to effectively destroy an entire grid square.

Both forces began forming attack squads and advancing upon The Pinnacle. The Pinnacle provided the Militia a point of elevation and allowed them a significant advantage over their attackers. The Militia was able to successfully fend off aggressors who were attempting to seize the bomb by force. Firefights between the Militia, Emeria and Kolgujev occurred on and off for approximately 45 minutes before Kolgujev and Emeria withdrew to regroup.

Kolgujevian forces located an intelligence envelope located on the WMD Response Bag which contained instructions on how to contact the Militia by radio. Upon doing so, the Kolgujevian Command was able to successfully negotiate the transfer of the device for funds and dehydrated meat snacks. The negotiation occurred at 1615 hours.

At 1650 hours, Kolgujevian troops arrived at the Militia location to take custody of the device. The Kolgujevian forces decided to arm the device, at 1652, beginning the one hour count down. While the device was counting down, Kolgujevian troops decided to transport the device.

Emerian troops quickly became aware than Kolgujev had located and obtained the device. At approximately 1720 hours, Emerian troops had located Kolgujevian troops and the device. Firefights occurred as Kolgujev pushed toward their destination. Ultimately, due to facing heavy resistance from Emeria, Kogujevian troops decided to dig in and detonate the device at their current location. At 1752 hours, Kolgujev successfully detonated the device killing everyone inside the grid square, this included multiple troops from both Kolgujev, and Emeria. Despite causing multiple friendly casualties, the People’s Union of Kolgujev successfully completed the objective.

Mission 4:
As the sun was setting and night was falling on the nation of Adjikistan, the Militia forces returned to their headquarters, located deep within the Aspen Abyss. The Militia headquarters were a fortified, and heavily boobytrapped location.

Both the Emerian and Kolgujevian troops had grown tired of the unpredictability of the Militia and advanced on their location to either eliminate, or drive them from the area.

A heavy firefight occurred in, and in the area surrounding the Aspen Abyss. At one point an Emerian troop advanced on and breached the Militia headquarters, only to trip a pull pin on a grenade killing himself and all of the Militia members. Supplementary Emerian forces advanced upon and seized control of the headquarters.

DAY 2: (0900 - 1300)
Mission 5:
Having been displaced from their only refuge, the Militia members became hostile, taking aggression out on any Emerian or Kolgujevian troop they located.

Both Emerian and Kolgujevian troops were instructed to attempt to control various tactical points in the country of Adjikistan.

Battles occurred multiple times in the Aspen Abyss with the former Milita headquarters changing hands. This also held true for Omaha Rock and the Wasteland.

While in the Aspen Abyss Emerian troops located a cash box lost by the Militia. This contained approximately $20,000 Adjikistani dollars.

Kolgujevian troops on patrol in the area of Widows Walk were able to locate another in-field objective, and later successfully returned it to Central Command.

The Kolgujevian forces learned that Emerian troops had repelled their forces from Aspen Abyss, and that Emerian forces controlled large levels of funds. Kolgujevian forces began to descend on the area. While setting up their attack, Emerian troops successfully flanked many Kolgujevian forces from behind causing Kolgujev to suffer heavy losses.

Remaining Kolgujevian troops withdrew to call for support and regroup. Multiple small scale firefights occurred on the outskirts of Aspen Abyss, however these conflicts resulted in a virtual stalemate.

At 1256 hours, a sudden surge of Kolgujevian troops occurred, conducting a rapid assault on Aspen Abyss, attacking from 3 different locations, and covering multiple angles. During this fight many shots were fires, and grenades were deployed. Each side suffered heavy losses. Ultimately four Kolgujevian troops successfully reached the Emerian stronghold and began searching downed Emerian troops. The reported large amount of funds were not located or forfeited by Emerian troops upon being searched. While Kolgujevian forces controlled the Aspen Abyss, at 1300 hours, ENDEX was called.

After ENDEX Emerian troops then returned to Kolgujevian held location to retrieve the large amount of funds they had buried. As the location was captured, and Kolgujevian troops searched, and maintained control of the Aspen Abyss, Emerian troops were forced to forfeit all funds which were buried as they did not retain possession of the funds as instructed, or turn over the funds which were within their immediate possession upon being searched.


Operation Throwdown II resulted in several back and forth battles which each side having multiple successes and failures when it came to battles and objectives. Personnel management, and communication were crucial to the success of completing missions.

The Militia was a wildcard in this event. For most of the first day, the Militia forces roamed freely, not involving themselves in engagements, and not acting aggressively toward either side unless they were fired upon. At times the Militia accepted payment to supplement forces for specific engagements when troops negotiated proper payment.

Had Emeria been allowed to keep the funds buried on the now Kolgujevian held land, this would have ultimately resulted in a tied score at the conclusion of the event.

At the conclusion of the event, despite the score being extremely close, the People’s Union of Kolgujev was declared the victors of Operation Throwdown II.

Commanding Officers Justin Wheeler, and Brian Foss are congratulated for their dedication and strong work during this event.

Administrative Notes and Disclosure:

All weapons were chronographed prior to the event. Each weapon operating within the rules dictated by Boulder Airsoft LLC received a tag for acceptance for use on the field. One player was stopped during the event as a tag was not seen, it was then discovered the player placed the tag on the sling of the weapon, he was permitted to continue playing.

Attendance totals were 66 participants, including 64 players, 2 game staff. Also on site were 5 parents/guardians/others in attendance.

One player was removed from the field for eyewear not in conformance with Boulder Airsoft Rules. The player later returned with approved eye protection.

During the event, there was a stoppage of play for approximately 35 minutes due to an on field injury. A Boulder Brigade team member, who is a certified Emergency Medical Technician responded to the report of the injury. Upon assessing the individual and finding he was in a stable condition, provisions were made to remove him from the field. This required transporting medical equipment into the field and then assisting the individual approximately 550 meters back to Central Staging.

During the event, multiple individuals were heard firing firearms in the area surrounding the event. Game staff were able to locate each of the recreational shooters. Each time Boulder Airsoft game staff was successful in re-locating the shooters out of concern for the welfare of our participants.

During the event a Militia member called out several times on the event’s designated Emergency Channel. Game Staff replied to the individual and received no further response. Militia members were contacted by Game Staff concerning the location and welfare of the individual calling. The Militia was unable to locate this individual, and had no information on his welfare. One Game Staff member began attempting contact on each radio channel one at a time. Another Game Staff member notified all members of each team of the situation of a Militia member who was calling on the Emergency Channel and was non-responsive to calls made by Game Staff. The remaining Militia members were pulled from their locations and game activities to begin searching. Approximately 40 minutes later, Emerian troops reported to Game Staff they had located the missing Militia member and had been involved in an engagement with him near Omaha Rock. Game Staff was able to make contact with the Militia member approximately 15 minutes after that notification was made.

August 6th, one individual reported he had been shot with a pistol from a distance he estimated to be 2 feet, and had suffered a hairline fracture to his wrist. All players are reminded to respect the engagement distances, and be respectful regarding the safety of other players. The individual involved was not positively identified in the pictures on the Boulder Airsoft website.

Boulder Airsoft Staff
Boulder Airsoft Staff
Boulder Airsoft Staff
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Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review Empty Re: Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review

Post by Twitch August 23rd 2012, 18:04

The following is a map showing locations of:
Firefights (where at least 1 engagement occurred which game staff was aware of)
Bomb Detonation Location
Medical Incident
Base Camp.

Operation Throwdown II - After Action Review Conflictlocations
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