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BB's in bulk

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BB's in bulk Empty Re: BB's in bulk

Post by TheRedThreat May 30th 2011, 12:37

Possibly a great find if stored properly. I'm all about .25 myself and they got that for $299.95 which breaks down to $3 per 1000 rounds. I'll leave it to Twitch as far as quality. Nice Job... and keep your eyes open for more great finds.
Thanks for posting it up
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BB's in bulk Empty Re: BB's in bulk

Post by Miner May 30th 2011, 15:35

I saw your link to this on the MESE facebook page, and its definitely a good find. For team ammo, i think it would be a good investment once we get some money, especially with the loaner gun system, as well as players who might run out mid-game.

As for quality, TSD makes pretty good ammo, maybe not to the quality i would buy personally (I run KSC .25s when I can find them), but its much better than a lot of other brands out there
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BB's in bulk Empty Re: BB's in bulk

Post by Arusheon August 20th 2011, 14:37

I'm certainly not on this team but I thought I'd throw out the ammo I use and love.

Golden Ball Biotac .25s are amazing, they do take 6 months to degrade totally but they do fully break down. The quality is as best as I can ask for in a Bio BB. I've also used Airsoft Elite BBs with horrible results (probably just a bad experience but I don't like making the same mistake twice). These things caused my first airsoft rifle (A&K Masada) to grind all the gears down in about 5,000-8,000 shots. Again it was probably just a bad experience but I believe the investment in good ammo is an investment in my guns longevity. Plus I've never once Jammed, nor have my friends, using .20 or .25 GB biotacs.


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BB's in bulk Empty Re: BB's in bulk

Post by Sponsored content

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