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King of the Hill Variant?

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King of the Hill Variant?

Post by Miner on December 23rd 2011, 08:26

Found this just now looking through some of the posts on ASR. Looks like it would be fun to try, let me know what you guys think

What You Need: 2 teams, a number of defend-able positions (bunkers, trenches, high spots in the woods, etc.), and 2 stopwatches for each position.

Set Up: Set the stopwatches for a certain time (30 min, for example), and put 2 of them in each position. Mark them so they are distinguishable for each team. Have the 2 teams start on opposite sides of the field, and play for a set amount (1 hour?) of time.

The Objective: You're trying to run your team's stopwatch to zero and not let the other team's run out. If your team captures a position, then you stop the other team's stopwatch and start your own. After an hour (or however long you decide to play), then you add up all the times remaining for each team, and the lowest score wins!

Master Sergeant E-8

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Re: King of the Hill Variant?

Post by Jazzman on December 23rd 2011, 13:38

I like this one as well, maybe have admins at each stopwatch to make sure things run smoothly and no cheating occurs?
Sergeant First Class E-7

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Re: King of the Hill Variant?

Post by Rog Speech on July 28th 2012, 22:24

This sounds like It would be a tough situation. With multiple points to defend and a specific time limit how do you get all the stop watches to zero if all of them are set for that time limit? It seams like it would cause teams to have to fragment their forces to complete the objective.
It sounds like it would be a good challenge if the teams have addiquit personal. I think i might set this sinario before my home team here in Cheyenne.
It also sounds like a game of speed chess.
Rog Speech
Rog Speech
Private E-2

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Re: King of the Hill Variant?

Post by TheRedThreat on July 29th 2012, 01:21

It does sound like a game of speed chess.
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Re: King of the Hill Variant?

Post by Sponsored content

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