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Equipment Inventory OBH7

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Equipment Inventory OBH7

Post by Twitch on March 14th 2018, 13:17

The Broken Home 7 Equipment Inventory master list is now online.  You individual pages are unlocked for you to update this.  

Once you begin packing please update your section (tab at the bottom.)  

Let's stay on top of it this.

As always, you need to be signed in to your @brigademilsim.com team account to access this sheet, this can not be changed, don't ask and do not send an access request from an outside email.

This must be completed in full no later than May 21st.  The checklist page has been updated to reflect this, so FTL's will be checking in to make sure you are not neglecting what you are supposed to be doing. 
Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/101nE_31EaaJaCivcD0Gu0YmOo19M9GplE4IRzTM5fYc/edit#gid=1

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