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Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

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Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by barnesjared on February 23rd 2018, 12:05

Hey guys, I wanted to be able to personally say goodbye at the JTAC event, but got so sick that week, it didn't happen. Had a chance to talk to most you guys at Staff's house about how my employer just got bought and I'm getting a lot of weekend work expectations. I've talked with Chris and Seltz about this and do hope to be able to re-apply early next year, but, until my employment situation changes, I'm pretty hard up for time. So I'm using this post to formally resign from the team. It sure has been a pleasure and a great time with all of you.

May you all always fight, never quit, and kick ass in 2018

Private First Class E-3

Posts : 33
Age : 36

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Re: Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by Rainman on February 24th 2018, 14:40

We'll miss you bud. Hopefully you can come back soon!

Charlie 2 - "Rainman"
Brigade Commander

Posts : 445
Age : 29
Location : Boulder

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Re: Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by peltast05 on February 24th 2018, 18:15

you will be missed

Brigade Fire Team Leader, Head Tactical Trainer

Posts : 212
Age : 35
Location : colorado springs

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Re: Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by Volcdiz on February 24th 2018, 18:43

I will miss our cuddle sessions/naps
Brigade Operator - NCO, Fire Team Alpha

Posts : 175
Age : 35

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Re: Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by Staffman on February 24th 2018, 21:43

sad to see you go, look forward to your return.
Brigade Fire Team Leader

Posts : 199
Age : 43
Location : Arvada

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Re: Resignation (Hopefully temporary)

Post by Sponsored content

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