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Media Collection

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Media Collection

Post by Twitch on February 7th 2018, 13:24

At recent events we've had multiple cameras on our guys for the purpose of media collection.

This creates a massive amount of data we can use for intelligence purposes, after action reviews, future briefings as well as publicly released videos.

What I would like to know is what cameras (or other media collection devices) you all are planning on bringing to this event and if they will be helmet work, gun mounted, etc.  

My intent is to have the following:
Rexing V1 - Truck Forward Dash Camera
DB Power EX5000 - Truck Interior Cab Camera Forward
DB Power EX5000 - Truck Interior Cab Camera Rear
Contour HD - Helmet mounted (We can move this from me to someone closer to the front line if anyone wants to wear it)
GoPro 3 Silver - NVG Mount
Samsung 360 Gear - Pole mounted / Helmet mounted
Contour HD - Available for helmet mounting
Contour ROAM - Truck Rail Mounting (Velcro and lanyard)
Nikon D40X - Cab, DSLR for still shots
Nikon CoolPix - Available for team member carry for still shots
Nikon CoolPix - Available for team member carry for still shots
Raytheon Thermal DVR
-- I will also plan to have a Panasonic Toughbook set up to audio record the radio nets for command and our team net. 

I believe I will have enough memory cards to support all of this. (35) 32GB Micro SD, and (2) 128GB Micro SD.  Keeping all of this stuff charged will be an entirely different challenge.

Bottom line I'd like us to get as much front line, boots on the ground, coverage as possible.  Remember you're more going to be recording your teammates doing something cool.  If it looks like they are, or are about to do something good, point your camera in their direction.

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Re: Media Collection

Post by Volcdiz on February 7th 2018, 14:46

I will be bringing

Gopro hero 4 - helmet mounted
Dbpower ex5000 - octopus mount
Runcam2 - shotcam, gun mounted
Runcam2- selfie can, gun mounted

I currently have six 32Gb micro SD cards and I plan to get another 10 or so by BH3. As far as charging I have four battery back up units, I have two capable of charging the runcam2 six times. 1 capable of charging the gopro 6  times and I have 5 batteries for the dbpower ex5000
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Re: Media Collection

Post by peltast05 on February 7th 2018, 17:42

2 dbpower5000, 1 helmet and 1 backup/loaner
1 runcam2, shotcam
will have a total of 8 32gb memory cards

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Re: Media Collection

Post by Sponsored content

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