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Specialty Equipment

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Specialty Equipment

Post by Twitch on February 7th 2018, 13:19

The following is a list of specialty equipment which I am anticipating us taking on this trip.  If you see a need for additional items, please post that up. 

(2) Base Camp Tents 
(3) Tables
Charging Station
Collapsible Ladder
Drag Sled
FLIR Handheld
Drone - Chaney
Bolt Cutters
Sledge Hammer
Bug Zapper
Cooler - Towels
Cooler - Clean Ice
Cooler - Food

If there are additional specialty items you see as being necessary, please post that here.

The breaching tools (Ram and Halligan) really won't serve a purpose at Broken Home, so unless you guys see a justifiable need in packing them, we'll save the space and leave them behind.
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