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Labeling Equipment

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Labeling Equipment

Post by Twitch on February 7th 2018, 13:17

This is going to help in two ways.... 

First: Label your bins so it is easier to sort them for the guys assigned to unloading the vehicles/trailer upon arrival.  It will make their lives easier, keep your stuff together and keep your teammates happy.  I typically have "C1" or "Nielson" on my packed gear bins for sorting purposes.  

Second: Any equipment you might lose in the field (and want to get back) labeling will help.  What kind of labeling?  Your name is good, but let me ask you this... If you pick up a magazine in the field and want to return it and all it says is "Johnson" or "Eric Johnson" on it, are you going to know where the hell to find this guy in a pool of 700 guys?  Also, do you expect most folks to put in much effort with so little info to go on?    But if you put other information like "Brigade Milsim" and "Johnson" on it, then people are going to have an easier time tracking down the team and getting your stuff back to you.  You're increasing the odds of recovering an item lost in the field. 

AMS typically drives around in a Gator at the end of the event and it is packed full of lost and found.  Most of it unlabeled, and most of it ends up in the trash because of that.  

Something to think about as you prepare for a large scale event.
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