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Dealing with Moisture

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Dealing with Moisture

Post by Twitch on January 1st 2018, 19:45

Whether or not we see rain in Oklahoma, moisture will be something we need to deal with.  

Expect that you're going to sweat, A LOT.  When it comes time to re-pack your clothing, equipment, etc, they are going to be sweaty and well, wet.  

In 2012 upon doing our gear return day it was noticed that there was mildew which had formed on some clothing and other items.  

When you are packing, think about this in advance.   Take a sock and fill it with instant rice, silica crystals, or some other desiccant to help reduce the moisture levels where that gear is packed.   This will help dry out your gear until we unpack and return everything on the AAR day. 

In my gear bin where my clothing sits I usually toss in an old sock filled with silica crystals.  Works great. If you have other ideas for the crew, please post them up.
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