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JTAC presents "Genesis Outpost"

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JTAC presents "Genesis Outpost"

Post by Der Affe (Dice) on June 19th 2014, 22:21

Back Story:

 The year is 2035. Most of planet Earth lies in ruin, rubble and unrest.  An ever cracking “peace” has taken over since the war ended five years ago. Some called it World War III; others named it appropriately the 15 year war.  Country after country fell to the wayside as world power after world power rose and fell.  

Rising from the dust of the war were two factions that cover all within the planet. Countries that kept alliances even after the United Nations fell in 2020 such as the United States of America, United Kingdom, France and Australia. This group became known as “The Republic” and is constantly striving to rebuild and regrow what was lost. The other half of this uneasy peace treaty is who have become known as “Separatists.” This group of ‘take what you can and give nothing back’ is mostly made up of well-organized 3rd world country Terrorist groups, what’s left of Russia, North Korea, Eastern Europe, most of Africa and parts of South America.
Reports have come up the Republic ladder of sightings of Separatists forces appearing in strong strategic points around Republic territory. Not much effort was put into following these reports until one came in of a large force heading for an old Bio-Chemical weapon test facility known as Genesis Outpost. This facility, recently thought to be useless and empty has, upon research turned up to have a very powerful Chemical agent in its storage that could cause a mighty blow to the Republic and cause them to lose their footing if in the wrong hands. 
A race for survival or world domination has begun; the dam of peace begins to crack as the first hammer of battle smashes against its walls trying to let loose the raging rivers of war once again

Rule-Set: https://www.facebook.com/notes/genesis-outpost/genesis-outpost-rule-set-subject-to-change/1506281999587318

Tickets: http://jtacproductions.ticketleap.com/genesisoutpost/

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at: [url=jtacproductions@yahoo.com]jtacproductions@yahoo.com[/url]

There will be Non-player game staff/moderators and on on-location Vendor! Maps to come soon!

The pics below are of the FoB on the AO. There is a small MOUT site as well (pics to come soon)

Der Affe (Dice)
Sergeant First Class E-7

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