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Ravens Raiders

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Ravens Raiders

Post by Raven on March 21st 2012, 23:25

The Raiders currently field four squads, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. We have male and female operators with a wide range of skill sets, including current and ex military, students, IT professional, custom metal worker, fathers & sons our age bracket reflects this ! Our youngest 13 our eldest 50+, our focus is on tactics, honor and camaraderie.The Raiders current roster list's over 30 operators, with many of us active in the "sport" of airsoft for 3-4 years. We are still getting to know the airsoft community and the wide range of "play" styles, from the backyard'ers to National milsim ! We lean towards Milsim, but enjoy the fun aspects as well !
The Raiders have "team members" in Colorado Springs, Denver, Larkspur, Pueblo and Ramah Co. we look forward to meeting new friends and allies, we welcome questions and possible new recruits.
Raven, "team leader" , Ravens Raiders
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Post by GIeliminator on December 8th 2015, 15:08

Is this team still looking for members if so I am interested age:21 name: Kyle Barnett

Brigade Operator, Fire Team Bravo

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Re: Ravens Raiders

Post by Twitch on December 8th 2015, 16:36


Ravens is/was based out of the Colorado Springs area.  As far as I'm aware the team is no longer active. However, the Brigade team (based out of the Boulder area) is.  I see you have applied with us, and I look forward to meeting you in January.


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Re: Ravens Raiders

Post by GIeliminator on December 8th 2015, 16:41


Thank you for the fast response yes I did apply for the brigade team and I look forward to meeting you as well.


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